A lot of people give up on their dreams too early to see anything come of some really cool and creative ideas. One Casper local never gave up and continued to follow a passion of his while working at a local burger joint called Mouthfull and ended up on the Discovery channel.

If you've been to Mouthful burger joint here in Casper, odds are you've ran into Tyler Wood who also follows a passion of working at Custom Epoxy Worx and have done some outstanding projects here in town as well as ending up on a show called Garage Rehab on the Discovery Channel. 

I'm happy to have reached out to Tyler on Facebook and get a comment from him on how exactly he ended up in this unique position and wound up being on national television. He was more than happy to chat with me and explain that "He got this opportunity by being active on social media and having a unique designing style as far as epoxy work goes." Of course, he didn't want to forget to mention he got where he is by making some awesome friendships in the industry.

Like Tyler says "It's crazy how far you can go in your own back yard of a small town."  How right he is, make sure you check out some of his awesome designs on his Facebook page Custom Epoxy Worx LLC

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