A Casper Youth for Change spokesperson on Tuesday said she has received threats for her role in a planned gathering in response to the death of George Floyd.

"I have always been passionate about civil rights and about social justice. I have never had any intention of getting violent. I have always been willing to work with other activists. No, I am not a paid protester. I do not support violent protest whatsoever," Casper Youth for Change spokesperson Rhiannon McLean said. "However, there has been somewhat of a narrative pushed about me because of that.

"As a result of that narrative, there have been threats on not only my life but on people who are going to the protests."

She added that it's not the first time she's been threatened, but she's never been threatened to this extreme of an extent.

McClean said she is confident members of her organization will not commit violent acts and that she's sure the Casper police department will help keep people safe.

"It seems like every time something happens when we speak out, it becomes character assassination against me and a lot of people I know," McLean said.

McLean added that her family is beginning to fear for her safety and that her social media accounts have been harassed "nonstop." She also said she is stepping down in order to give more marginalized people a stronger voice.

"Right now, I think it's important to amplify these voices of color," she said. "Me being a white woman, I can't understand a lot of things that people of color go through on a daily basis."

McClean, 18, said it's becoming increasingly difficult to deal with harassment and threats on her safety. She thanked the community for supporting her and her organizations over the last two years.

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