2017 went by a lot faster than most would have hoped, but it was still a year for the history books. Here's a look back at our most watched 100% original, Casper videos of the year.


  • 1

    Help These Casper Shelter Dogs Find A Home For Christmas

    Over 2,800 Views

    Animals are always a win, but shelter animals (especially around Christmas time), just melt your heart.

  • 2

    10 Reasons NOT To Move To Wyoming

    Over 2,400 Views

    This was our "cheeky" way of saying how great Wyoming really is. If more people don't want to move here, that's completely okay with us!

  • 3

    "It" Balloons Infest Casper

    Over 2,400 Views

    A little more than a month from Halloween 2017, the remake of Stephen King's classic "It" was released in theaters. To celebrate, a couple of ingenuitive Casper ladies decorated 2nd Street with balloons a la the film. Creepy, but still cool.

  • 4

    How To Use A Double Left Turn Lane

    Over 2,000 Views

    This is common since... or so we thought. By the sheer amount of views, we're guessing this was viewed (and shared) just to help fellow Casper drivers.

  • 5

    'Cherry Cola' From Casper Foo Fighters Concert Tells Her Story

    Over 1,800 Views

    Gloria Waurzyniak a.k.a. 'Cherry Cola' is a Denver resident that was singled during the Foo Fighters concert at the Casper Event Center. You helped us find her and this is her story.

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