Don't let his height fool you -- this little Iron Boy is just as powerful as his Iron Man counterpart. And probably smarter, too, since he's too young to take up Tony Stark's drinking habits.

Cosplay comes in all shapes and sizes, and we love the dad, who goes by the handle Immigman and took the time to make this Iron Man costume for his 5-year-old son. Posted on a costuming, model and prop-design message board called The RPF, this Iron Man cosplay creation comes from a very involved and crafty dad, who wanted to make his son's dreams of being Iron Man come true.

He posted several photos of his son with and without the helmet on, and close-up shots of the finished product, which was created using foam, resin and Bondo, a filler putty used in basic construction. He also says that it took him about three months, working nights and weekends, to finish the costume. So much dedication!

You can see some photos of Iron Boy in costume below, or head over to the original thread to check out more:

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