After more than 20 years of smoking (cheap cigars mostly), it was time to stop. This is my story.


A few months before turning age 40, I realized there were some things I needed to change about my lifestyle, especially if I wanted to better my chances of living to see my children have children. Both of my parents suffered from life-threatening diseases. My mother survived a 10-year battle with terminal breast cancer, but I lost my father to leukemia a few years ago. High blood pressure and heart conditions also run rampant within the men of my family, on both sides!

Around the beginning of September (2016), after purchasing a bicycle, I also decided to quit smoking... cold turkey! Seven weeks later, I'm still smoke-free! I've also started a workout regime and I'm very happy with the steps I've taken to make myself healthier.

If I can quit... you can too!

Quitting isn't easy, but if you'd like help, there are plenty of places in Wyoming that will help you stop.

Even if you've tried to stop before, remember: NEVER QUIT QUITTING!

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