Men, Wyoming men especially, are the poster children for masculinity, but does that mean we don't enjoy receiving gifts on Valentine's Day?

I can't speak for all men, but I personally enjoy receiving some of the gifts that are usually thought of to be "women only". For example, I greatly enjoy getting stuffed animals/teddy bears and flowers. Having roses delivered to you on the job isn't only cool because it's a thoughtful and loving show of affection, but it's kind of like bragging rights to men, more than likely because it's so taboo. There's nothing quite like seeing the looks of envy on your male friends faces when a dozen long stem roses are just sitting on your desk, especially when they're hand delivered. even did a story explaining why flowers are good gifts for men for holidays other than Valentine's Day.

As for receiving stuffed animals, I think it's just because I'm really just a big ole kid on the inside.

DJ Nyke with Marine Corps Teddy Bear
DJ Nyke, Townsquare Media

I'm not big on sweets, so chocolates and other assorted candies aren't my thing, but I know plenty of men that love them.

Now ladies, this doesn't mean that we still don't love getting electronics, tools, dinner dates and surprise lingerie modeling sessions from you, but the others gifts are pretty awesome too.

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