The Douglas Police Department have warned residents of a new phone scam that involves a recorded message that impersonates an officer.

According to the official Douglas Police Department Facebook page:

Well, the scammers are getting braver folks...

We received a phone call today from one of our friends here in the community. She had just received a phone call from an area code 307 phone number with what sounded like a pre-recorded message. The "caller" identified themselves as "Officer Bryan Kelley with the Douglas Police Department.". The message then told the complainant that the call was their "warning" that they were being served papers at the courthouse, and that they had a right to "file a response" regarding those papers by calling a phone number that the caller provided (or words to that effect). That number that the caller provided was NOT the same number they called from, nor was it our agency's phone number. The message ended with a repeat that the call was from Officer Kelley.

Rest assured that neither Officer Kelley nor any other legitimate law enforcement officer or agency did or will call you on a pre-recorded message. Nor will we call you from a false phone number.

Please remain diligent folks!


If you have any questions or concerns, contact the Douglas Police Department at 307-358-3311.

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