An Evansville woman recently posted to the Facebook Group 'Evansville Wy Neighborhood Watch/Community Connections' that her husband has had to kill four separate rattlesnakes on a very specific road in Evansville.

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"Just a heads up," Casey Hanson Baruth wrote. "My husband has killed 4 rattlesnakes this week, all on Memorial Drive on his way home from work. If your kiddos are on bikes or out playing in that area or walking, tell them to be careful."


Baruth specified that the area was a new access road in Evansville, north of town, that stretches from Curtis Street to the landfill road, near the cemetery.

A report from the USDA stated that rattlesnakes are not generally aggressive.

"Rattlesnakes strike when threatened or deliberately provoked, but given room, they will retreat," the report stated. "Most snake bites occur when a rattlesnake is handled or accidentally touched by someone walking or climbing. The majority of snakebites occur on hands, feet, and ankles."

The USDA wrote that rattlesnakes typically avoid humans, but that approximately 8,000 people a year are bitten by venomous snakes in the United States. There are approximately 10-15 deaths per year, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.


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