There are a lot of snakes hanging out in Wyoming and now that I've done a little research I don't think I'll be heading out for a hike any time soon.

So here are the snakes you need to keep an eye on when you're out enjoying yourself in the cowboy state.

1. Rubber Boa: It is a non-venomous snake but it's not something I'd like to come across on the trail.

2. Racer: Also a non-venomous snake but it does produce babies like it's a baby making factory. On average it lays 14 eggs!

3. A Midget Faded Rattlesnake: One of the most venomous snakes you'll come across in Wyoming.

4. Western Rattlesnake: Yet another extremely venomous snake just hanging out in the prairie.

5. Hog-nosed Snake: This guy is going to be hard to miss if you do come across him but the good news is if you get bit, chances are good for your survival.

6. Gopher Snake: It looks and sounds a lot more dangerous than it is. But surprisingly this one is not venomous either. Still, probably a good idea to keep your distance though.

7. Red-Bellied Snake: Non-venomous, but does have a lot of living offspring. Which ya know is downright freaky.

8. Plains Black-Headed Snake: A smaller snake but still not one you want to play around with. It is still mildly venomous and with it being smaller than other snakes can make it very difficult to spot.

9. Western Terrestrial Garter Snake: This is a massive snake! 109 cm. on average. It is also mildly venomous.

10. Plains Garter Snake: Now this guy isn't venomous, but he does have many baby snakes. On average you can expect this thing to pump out 29 little other snakes...

Yeah, spooky stuff right? Be safe on your next outdoor adventure.

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