The dating site has divulged a handy advantage gaining secret for men looking for women. They say that a guy mentioning Shakespeare in his profile will increase his positive responses by 27%.” This could be an advantage in tricking someone into falling in love with you.

I don’t know that this is what they have in mind but this profile mentions the Bard and misspells his name.

“I am ok watching episodes of South Park as I am watching Shakespear in the Park. I hope to meet someone to share experiences with. Gender: Male…” also found that Kalamazoo, Michigan, is the city that mentions his name more than any others. 5KPIX says “nearly a third of women consider themselves literary. Two of the three most likely cities in the US to play the ‘literature card’ are in Colorado.

Cities that are most likely to say they are into literature include:

1  Fort Collins, Colorado.

2  Madison, Wisconsin.

3  Denver, Colorado.

4  Ann Arbor, Michigan.

5  San Francisco.


Looking for love seems to involve 'the taming of the shrewd.'

I would stay away from paraphrasing William’s 18th Sonnet with “Shall I compare thee to a summer's eve?” It might not get you the results you want.

Video Archeology via YouTube
Video Archeology via YouTube

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