Doing the story on REO Speedwagon's reissue of Hi Infidelity got me thinking about the albums of '81 that my friends and I listened to cramming for exams, and just relaxing around the dorms. Here's what I came up with: 

Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna

Stevie Nicks captured me when I first heard "Buckingham-Nicks do "Frozen Love. " Mick Fleetwood was impressed too, and asked Lindsey and Stevie to join Fleetwood Mac. We all know what happened with "Rumors", it made Stevie Nicks a household name, and the band was more famous than ever. Peter Green had to have been a little "green" with envy!

Stevie was still recording with The "Mac" in '81, but released her disc "Bella Donna" (that she is). She duets with good friends Don Henley, "Leather and Lace," and Tom Petty, "Stop draggin' My Heart Around." "Edge Of Seventeen" was a huge hit for Stevie with an awkard beginning.

When Stevie first met Tom Petty's wife, a southern girl, Stevie asked when did the two meet, the reply was "age of seventeen", which was not heard clearly by Stevie. Yes, Edge of Seventeen was born! My daughter heard "After The Glitter Fades" and thought I was listening to Dolly Parton. It does have a "country flavor," but a ever deeper meaning. My favorite from this disc is "How Still My Love"

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Hall & Oates - Private Eyes

Hall & Oates is next on my list. "Private Eyes" was a soulful new wave pop album that I found infectious. This duo has produced many hit radio records, but to me thier best work was "Sara Smile." "I Can't Go For That" is so smooth and seductive. A reissue of this with demo tracks would be like a cold Bud Light on a hot Wyoming Summer day!

Daryl has a show on the web,, great guest and a behind the scenes view of one classy Blue-Eyed Soul Brother!

Look for a new solo effort on the way from Daryl Hall!

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Sqeeze - East Side Story

Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook were underrated as a songwriting combination in the pop/rock genre. They were magical together, Difford's lyrics and Tilbrook's melodies are craftsmen at their finest. East Side Story, is an easy listen, and I find something new in every listen. Paul Carrack's vocals on "Tempted" is what first attracted me to this gem.

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Journey - Escape

Journey was a struggling bay area band from San Francisco that transformed into the quintessential area rock band with the release of 1981's "Escape." Steve Perry gets most of the credit as the lead singer of Journey. Jonathan Cain's songwriting and Neal Schon's guitar had much too do with the new sound of Journey.

Neal Schon was palying with Carlos Santana when he was fifteen, so you know he earned his stripes on the axe. Members have changed over the years but Journey continues to play on. Their latest release "Eclipse" is available at Wal-Mart, and they'll be in Denver in October.

A live Journey show was always fun...The Ladies loved this band. We love the ladies so we were there, and might make this next Denver show.

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