On Saturday, January 19th, Casper's very own Levi "KaMaKaZiE KiD" Troutman will try to set a World Record at Program Motors in Casper, Wy.  The stunt has been something that Levi has been thinking about for the last 8 Months and now he's ready to make a dream a reality.

This type of stunt has been performed by people on motorcycles, but that's not the way KaMaKaZiE KiD envisioned it.  He has decided to be LIT ON FIRE and BREAK THROUGH WALLS OF FIRE to follow through on the deal that he made on our airwaves with Tee Roy - if he collected over 250 Coats he would do a stunt to show his appreciation for his hometown. Be at Program Motors by 4:30PM on January 19th to check out this FIRST TIME EVER STUNT!!!! For more information visit facebook.com/RealKamakaziekid

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