In America, we’ve seen major change in employment or lack thereof. We don’t manufacture goods in The United States like those before us. With many jobs exported to countries with cheaper labor, it seems domestic skilled labor has taken a hit and as a result, a migration to more tech sector employment. It is fine to have a job working with your hands, we need more who do.

Wyoming’s workforce is at almost 300,000. With a 5.7% unemployment rate (4.9% nationally), that has about 17,038 people without work. With the cuts in the coal, oil and gas sector and a seemingly long wait for a turnaround, it may be time for consideration of upping or changing your skill sets.


The Wyoming Tribune Eagle writes

“there is a demand for skilled workers is in construction, and will grow for roofers, plumbers, electricians, carpenters and concrete masons.” There is a craft-worker shortage.

Work availability will vary by region, but the national trend is worth noting.

The Wyoming Workforce offers help for some through their Dads Making A Difference program. “The Nationally recognized Dads Making a Difference program is a training-to-work program for low income custodial and non-custodial fathers who are experiencing multiple barriers to self-sufficiency. The Dads Making a Difference program provides the services necessary for the participants to actively improve the quality of their own lives, as well as the lives of their children and families. Each participant is provided with job training in high growth, high demand occupations, followed by placement assistance in high paying jobs.”