TV Guide tells us what we can watch and, in this case, what we have been watching. In an article called The Most Popular TV Show Set in Each State (and D.C.) They compiled a list that shows Wyoming loves Longmire.

Wyoming: Longmire

Since 2012, this crime drama, originally produced for A&E and now Netflix, has been telling the story of a Wyoming sheriff (Robert Taylor) whose wife was murdered.

As for the programs favored by our neighboring states:

Colorado: Last Man Standing

Sorry, South Park (Watchlist ranking: 212). This Denver-set, Tim Allen comedy gets to represent for the Centennial State.

Idaho: Wayward Pines

This Fox thriller's two seasons were set literally thousands of years apart, but one thing remained the same: Its titular, fictional town was beautiful, but creepy.

Kansas: Switched at Birth

The Kansas City suburb of Mission Hills is the main setting for this Freeform family drama.

Montana: Caitlin's Way

Not much to choose from for Montana on the Watchlist or otherwise. So when you're resorting to Nickelodeon shows of the early aughts, a la Caitlin's Way, starring Lindsay Felton as a Philly kid sent Fresh Prince-style to the Great Plains, there's only one thing to say: TV, please make more shows about Montana.

Nebraska: Hell on Wheels

This AMC series about the building of the Transcontinental Railroad kicks off in the Nebraska territory during the mid-1860s.

North Dakota: Blood & Oil

Locals griped about the mountains depicted in this swiftly-canceled soap starring Chace Crawford and set in the fictional town of Rock Springs, because, well, North Dakota doesn't have any.

South Dakota: Fargo

Season 2 of this FX anthology series covered Minnesota, North Dakota and, yes, South Dakota, where the (show's) history books tell us the Sioux Falls massacre of 1979 went down.

Buffalo, Wyoming is the home of Longmire author Craig Johnson and is looking forward to their Longmire Days celebrations this summer. They have no date yet, but will set that as soon as the show’s shooting schedule is finalized so they can plan for which actors and crew they can bring in.