The Starbucks Unicorn Frappuccino craze caught on in Wyoming, but apparently not as much as other places.

We asked last week if Wyomingites had/would try it and the results were pretty overwhelmingly in favor of, no.

Here's how the results went...

"Hell no, that looks disgusting" 25%

"No, I'm a black coffee person" 14%

"I have, and I loved it!" 13%

"I haven't decided yet" 13%

"I have, and it wasn't very good" 11%

"Only if someone paid me" 11%

We also received several votes from folks who wanted to try it, but hadn't at the time of this poll.

If you missed out, Starbucks appears to be done... at least for now, with the Unicorn. Although with it's success we wouldn't be surprised to see another campaign in the near future.

However, there is now a Dragon Frappuccino folks can order... that's right, it might never end.

The dragon drink appears to be much better than the Unicorn, which had the sugar equivalent to three Snickers bars. The Dragon is green tea, vanilla bean powder, and a berry syrup swirl.


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