Because of what happened halfway around the world, oil prices jumped to a two-year high after a Saudi Arabian billionaire’s “anti-corruption purge by billionaire crown prince who backs prolonging oil production curbs.”

Meanwhile, here in Wyoming, where our energy sectors have taken a hard hit, gas is only up one cent over the past week. After the end of Daylight Saving Time and the ever-longer dark days, travel is lessened except for the holidays that will soon be here.

Supplies have stabilized after Hurricane Harvey shut down production in Texas, leaving gasoline prices at an average of 32 cents higher than a year ago, at $2.53. We are 16 days away from a big travel time for Thanksgiving.

While prices seem to go up like a rocket, they come down like a feather. Let's hope for stability for the foreseeable future.

Wyoming gas prices are currently averaging $2.47 per gallon, up one cent over the past week, according to GasBuddy.

In Cheyenne, a gallon of regular gasoline will cost you $2.35 at most stations.

In Casper, Sam’s Club has the lowest price at $2.33 per gallon.

Happy motoring.

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