September 11th, 2001.

By far the worst day in America's history. A day that every single person turned on the T.V. and began to cry and weep for the residents of New York City.

We were all in different places that day and to many of us, it really was a typical day. I was at home finishing my cereal strapping on my backpack about to head out the door for 2nd grade.

Upon arriving at school, I entered my classroom where things were instantly different. The lights were turned off, my teacher was sitting at her desk with a box of tissues and we all felt a somber tone in the room.

That's when things got serious... Our teacher told us to put away our homework from the night before (which I hadn't done) and told us that today was going to be different. We would not be doing any classwork because something had happened.

That's when she pulled the T.V. into the room, turned it on and we saw the twin towers engulfed in flames. An image that lives with me to this day whenever I hear about 9/11 or when September 11th comes around.

I also know that for many of my friends that I grew up with it stuck with them to such a degree that they became part of the military or went to school to be first responders within the community.

Despite what happened on this day nearly 20 years ago, we are still here and we still fight day in and day out. I love my country and my community. We will never forget those who were lost on this day!

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