Remember that jack-hole CEO whose company raised the price of a cancer drug by FIVE THOUSAND percent last month?  From $14 a pill to $750 a pill.

That’s Martin Shkreli, and the old drug, Daraprim.  His company owns the patent, so no one else can make it.  But there was a lot of backlash, everyone hated him, and he promised to drop the price, which he still hasn't done.  He hasn't even said how much he's dropping it.  But the good news is, he's got some competition now.

Imprimis, a drug company in San Diego, announced that they're going to start making a similar pill . . . and it'll only cost a buck. 1 DOLLAR!

It can't be exactly the same, so they're mixing the active ingredient with folic acid to get around the patent.  And it sounds like it probably won't replace Daraprim completely.  A lot of people will still need to use the patented version.

But it should work for some people, and might make Shkreli's company lower the price more than they would have otherwise.

And there's more good news. The CEO of Imprimis says they're planning to do the same thing with other drugs where price gouging is a problem. Turns out, there’s a lot more of this medical price gouging going on than we know.

I would love to watch this guy stripped naked and forced to crawl on his hands and knees through a parking lot full of broken glass and rusty nails, and made to do laps in a pool of lemon juice and salt. Wait, did I say that out loud? I gotta learn to use my inner voice…