This quarantine has made some of us forget the simple things as we try to manage our lives. That apparently includes wearing pants when checking the mailbox according to one police department warning.

Check out this special Facebook status update by the Taneytown Police Department. Yes, this really happened.

I have to confess that this post scared me a little bit and made me examine my own behavior. My wife scrutinizes my choice of sweat pants whenever I do anything outside of the house and that includes checking the mail box. Normally, I tend to not be extremely discrete when I'm going out to fetch the trash can on Tuesdays where it's face down in the street after being emptied.

I admit that my attitude is that my neighbors probably don't care and would not bother to pay attention to me doing chores outside. But, this would be an embarrassing trip down to the police station so I'll try to clean up my act.

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