Some are saying this is a joke. Some are saying this is a NSA conspiracy. reported that thousands of people are watching Jackson Hole Town Square live on YouTube for no apparent reason. It’s true. When I found the video, there were 1700 people watching the feed. Why would someone just sit there and watch traffic and people crossing the street?

The story goes there was (it has been removed now) a post on that there was something going to happen on this live feed. The admins pulled the post, but news outlets have caught on to the story … or the catfish.

See Jackson Hole via YouTube
See Jackson Hole via YouTube

The chat on the video is blowing up. Some people are just being trolls. Others are confused why this video is so popular. Others keep giving out the address and phone number for a business that can be seen on the video.

The conspiracy is the NSA or FBI or CIA is getting citizens to police itself with video surveillance. I guess it is possible, but it seems like a lot of work when they can see the same video. I think if it is a conspiracy, it is a social experiment or some avant-garde art project.

All I see from this video is an ongoing play by play of the intersection. It is mostly a bunch of people being critical about how people drive or walk. Then a few jerks making Nazi references or jokes about the human anatomy. If anything news worthy happens, we will let you know. Otherwise, this is what a generation of Beavis and Buttheads do for fun.

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