Rafael Nadal may no longer be the number one tennis player in the world, having lost the top spot to Novak Djokovic last year. But according to a new Tumblr blog that recently went viral, Nadal still remains the undisputed ATP champion when it comes to looking like just like a capybara. (We really don’t seen anyone challenging him for that top spot for quite some time.)

That’s because the resemblance  between the Spaniard and the giant rat is pretty darn uncanny. No matter what Nadal does — whether it’s staring or bathing or drinking from a water bottle — he looks positively capybara-like.

The Tumblr ‘Capybaras that look like Rafael Nadal‘ has documented many of these similarities in photos, and we’d like to share some of our favorites. After viewing these side-by-side comparisons, we think you will agree when we say Nadal is clearly part capybara. It would certainly explain his rat-like quickness. Check out the shocking evidence below.