Last week I introduced you to Cory Bauer, the Fishin' Hippy! The incredible early spring weather (temps) and some short work days this week provided Cory some water time! He spent the majority of this time fishing Gray Reef.The Fishin' Hippy relishes a good fight with his underwater advisory and that is just what he got battling a three pound brown, "great fight this gorgeous male put up Cory said, But I won!" There was a surprise to come later in the afternoon when the Hippy caught a nine inch small bass (largemouth) surprising as Cory informed me there shouldn't be bass in the river. " I've never seen or heard of one in there before!"

The top of the dam in the reservoir provided some more great fishing as the Fishin' Hippy launched his one man pontoon boat and caught eleven trout ranging from three to four pounds. Tube jigs used on this outing and the trout were "crashing them," according to Cory. He also reminds, you want to have good line battling the twenty inch plus fish he had the good fortune to experience this past week.

Gray Reef gets "thumbs up" for a good productive time on the water. Remember to be good stewards of our wild places and have fun. Next week some fly-fishing information.


If you missed the first segment, meet Cory Bauer.


Any fishing questions you may have can be asked of Cory on Facebook.