It's a question often asked of the Fishin' Hippy, "You Bass fish in Wyoming?"  "Most people have no idea that Bass populate several different locations in our magnificently beautiful home!"Although the size of our Bass doesn't compare to the Southern States, the Hippy says, "there's still a chance to catch a Wyoming Lunker!' The State record for "Largemouth" is 7 pounds and 14 ounces.

The "Smallmouth" is just over 5 pounds, so the big ones are out there. The Hippy's personal record is a 4 pound Largemouth that was 18 1/2 inches caught on Lake Cameahwait (Bass Lake).

Flaming Gorge Reservoir is another work of beauty the Hippy has on the resume. Fishing for Smallmouth, the experience was good. The largest catch was 3 pounds, 16-17 inches long.

If the choice had to be made Hippy says "Bass Lake" is his favorite spot. The fact he knows it quite well gives advantages that allows anywhere from 30-70, maybe 80 in a day!!! Hippy's go to bait is always tube jigs.

He recommends the Berkley 3 inch tubes in white, brown smoke with the silver glitter and camo are great colors! Hippy calls the brown smoke "old reliable",  because "I can always hook some lips with that one!"

Snagging some "lips" takes technique, Hippy uses a 1/8 ounce jig head inside the tube, with the eyelet pushed through at the end and the hook pushed through wherever it will allow the tube to lay straight.

"Work them right over the weeds whether they're shallow or deep and you should have good luck catching them!" The only unfortunate thing about "Bass Lake", is that it requires some type of floatation or boat to fish at your optimum best. The one-man pontoon is just perfect for the Hippy!!

Remember,  Bass will eat a wide variety of soft plastic baits from worms to lizards to curly tail grubs to swim baits along with crank baits of different sizes and colors. Be confident, experiment with your technique and come up with your plan of attack that will lead to success on the water.

Have fun no matter the outcome and remember to protect our wild outdoor places!


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