It's not the reunion we've all prayed for, but it's a chance to share in the 40th anniversary of Led Zeppelin's IV, which was never really named. It came to be known as IV  (to many fans)  simply because it was the band's fourth release. 

Page and Plant will be guest on the syndicated radio show In The Studio to help celebrate what is guessed to be the original relaese of IV, November 8th, 1971.

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant reveal In The Studio why Led Zeppelin IV is the
third-highest seller in music history . "When we started the band...I wanted to
make music that people would respect; your fellow musicians, like Jeff (Beck)
and Eric (Clapton) and people like that ," remarks Page. Robert Plant remembers,
"We did whatever we wanted to do and said, 'look, for us we have to just weave
around wherever it was most appropriate, with amplifiers, without, doesn't
matter, in the desert, on top a Welsh mountain wherever it was…' which could be
indicative and could show what we were all about."

Stream the session online.