Scammers calling you about jury duty, arrest warrants, IRS, sweepstakes, state services  and a variety of other ways to part you from your money have made the rounds over the years.

This holiday season, those who want to dim your joy are calling to say you're behind on your electric bill, and pay up -- or else.

"Customers have reported receiving fraudulent calls from scammers posing as utility representatives," according to a news release from Rocky Mountain Power.

"The callers insist that the customer is behind on their bill. They then threaten that, without an immediate payment, service will be disconnected."

Unfortunately, some customers have fallen for the ruse and provided the thieves with their credit card information..

However, customers can protect themselves by being aware of the following signs that indicate fraudulent calls:

  • If the caller says he is with the “Rocky Mountain Power Disconnection Department.”

No such department exists.

  • If the caller asks for your credit card number or advises you to buy a pre-paid card and to call back with the code.

Rocky Mountain Power does not ask for this information. The company can facilitate credit card payments through its vendor upon request, but its employees don’t handle these payments directly.

  • If the caller claims your electric service will be disconnected if you don’t make a payment immediately, particularly if you haven’t received any prior notice about late payments or a potential disconnection.

Rocky Mountain Power doesn't threaten customers. It will work with customers who are behind on their payments to help them get back on track. Generally, notices about past due bills are sent to customers in the mail or delivered to their home, or they receive an automated phone message.


If you receive such a call, ask the caller to state your account number then compare it with the number listed on your bill. Rocky Mountain Power customer service employees will always have your account number.

If you still have concerns about the legitimacy of a call, you can call the company's published 24-hour, toll-free customer service number, 1-888-221-7070.

Finally, if you receive a suspicious call, take note of the phone number the person is calling from and any information that may help to track down the crooks. Then call the above number.

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