Finding enough room when friends and family visit is sometimes hard to do. Not enough room in the house, don't want them to have to be in a hotel across town or stay at a campground outside of town. So what do you do?

The City Of Casper says it's ok to put an RV right on the street in front of your house.

You read that right, in the city of Casper it's legal to park a camping trailer, motorhome or other type of trailer (all known as RV's) can pull up and park on the street.

There are only a couple stipulations though.

  • If you can't park a car there, your definitely can't park an RV.
  • You're only allowed to park the RV on the street for 5 days in a 30 day period or you'll have to buy an annual permit.
  • You can't block public or private driveways
  • It's recommended the trailers not be parked on the street during winter months, due to blowing and drifting snow.
  • You can't park on corner lots within 30 feet of intersecting streets. This is called the sight distance triangle.
Casper sight distance triangles

I've noticed over the last couple weeks across town, there are a few trailers and campers set up. This is really a great option if you're on a budget while visiting family and friends or instead of sleeping on the couch when you get in trouble with your partner.

Just another reason to love Casper and the state of Wyoming.

If you're needing to park your trailer on the street longer than 5 days, you have to get a permit. To get a permit, you'll need to contact the Casper City Clerk at 307-235-7568 or for more information you can contact the Casper Code Enforcement at 307-235-8254 or check out Section 10.36.020 of the Casper Municipal Code.

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