There are reports that Steamboat Geyser at Yellowstone National Park has just erupted for the 23rd time this year. This is nearly unprecedented for Steamboat which previously hadn’t erupted for 4 years prior to 2018.

I confirmed the many reports of Steamboat’s most recent eruption through the Geyser Times website. They list all the reported eruptions which started back during the spring months with the 23rd one happening Monday afternoon and lasting for 26 minutes. That’s pretty major.

Generally speaking, Steamboat has been a rather dormant geyser. According to Geyser Times, it hadn’t erupted for 4 years before May of this year. It’s had as much as 9 years separation between eruptions in the past.

My conspiracy theory friends love the recent activity at Steamboat. It’s another bit of evidence in their minds that the super volcano is about to blow us away.

CBS in Denver reported that there is no reason for concern due to Steamboat’s recent eruptions. But, they also mentioned that scientists want to know why.

The Yellowstone ecosystem is fascinating and there’s good reason to pay attention to changes like Steamboat’s activity. But, for my friends that believe the government is hiding supervolcano activity from us, I’d like to remind them that there’s no way to predict a volcanic eruption in a reliable way as a detailed Wikipedia page on the subject points out.

As a matter of fact, that National Park Service has even been sharing videos of Steamboat eruptions on Twitter. 

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