Driving during the wintertime is never a fun thing to do. I was recently driving to my apartment from P.V. quite a long drive during the wintertime and even worse at night. The snow was coming down pretty hard and the snowplows hadn't gotten to the roads I was driving on and it made it a very scary drive home.

A new survey from Studyfinds.org says that 91% of Americans don't trust other drivers during the winter months and I related to this study so much after reading it.

They went around and asked 2,000 Americans how they felt about other drivers during the winter months and it turns out that a majority of us don't trust other drivers on the road but it also said that 23% of people don't even trust their family and friends behind the wheel either. Personally, I do trust my family to drive me around in the winter months most of the time.

But, when it comes to other drivers on the road I do agree with the survey I have a very hard time trusting the cars behind me because I've been in too many accidents where people don't slow down far enough away from me and I end up getting rear-ended!

So, how do you feel about this study? Do you trust other folks in town on the road after one of our famous blizzards?

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