Music has been, and always will be, one of the most important things in the world. Music draws people together. It creates bonds that no man can break. Music has started and ended wars. It has created marriages. It has inspired generations after generations after generations.

Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Queen, Michael Jackson, and Justin Bieber have become icons not only in music, but in entertainment overall. But, there is one person that transcends even them. There is one person that transcends the music industry itself. There is one person that truly is the definition of not only everything that is right about music, but also what is right about the world as a whole, and that person's name is Bette Midler. O.M.G., Wind Beneath My Wings, Hocus Pocus.  Bette Midler is a walking enigma because she can do it all and make it look so effortless. And on this day, in 1976, Miss Midler was awarded the "woman of the year" award from Harvard University. Harvard University!

If that doesn't prove she's the greatest entertainer alive, I don't know what does. To this day, Bette is still one of the most iconic figures in music and movies. Think Harvard might want to offer her a "woman of the millennium" award?

Watch this video and cry along with me.