Wyoming's history with the motion picture industry is often lackluster. There are the token movies filmed in the state that everyone remembers like Starship Troopers or Close Encounters of the Third Kind, but did you know that the Three Stooges shot a film in the Cowboy State? Plus it costarred Adam West of Batman fame.

The 1965 Three Stooges film The Outlaws Is Coming was set in Casper and filmed at the B Bar B Buffalo Ranch in Gillette. On YouTube, the user CLASSIC COMEDY CHANNEL posted the entire movie which you can watch here. It's about a crime syndicate including Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok, Jessy James, Billy the Kid, and more. They plot to take over every territory west of the Mississippi by declaring war on the buffalo. This will take away the Native American food supply causing them to revolt, thus keeping the cavalry busy so the crime syndicate can freely run the west.

"If anyone tries to stop us," Rance Roden (Don Lamond) said, "they are idiots. Dead idiots." Cut to next scene and enter the Three Stooges.

The evidence linking the movie to Wyoming has faded with time but is present. On TMC.com, it credits the B Bar B Buffalo Ranch in Gillette Wyoming as the filming location. As far as we can tell, that ranch no longer exists. The only evidence we found was buried in the historical records of Campbell County (see page 40 - Ford Will Film At B-Bar-B Buffalo,) and a reference in the Three Stooges Scrapbook.

If anyone knows more about the old B-Bar-B Buffalo Ranch in Gillette, please email us or let us know on Facebook.

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