Montana tourism video per se, it got me thinking.

With vacation season coming up fast, people are deciding where they want to spend their vacation dollars. I have had Wyoming “That’s Wy” campaign videos pop up in my Facebook newsfeed, and I liked what I saw. But when someone from Arkansas or Vermont is wondering where they want to spend their vacation, they might go to YouTube and search “Wyoming Vacation” and/or “Montana Vacation.”

So I searched those terms, and was a bit disappointed. Montana’s first video listed featured a lot of airport, restaurant, and finally interior rental house footage.

Boring, but that’s what popped up first. Wyoming showed much better with this video;


Tourism brought in $3.2 billion in 2016 from other states and around the world. It is our second biggest industry. What can we do to increase that?

So I will ask you, based on what you see, where would you spend your tourism dollars? Do you know of a YouTube video that best showcases Wyoming? Copy and paste a URL in the comments and share your favorite.




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