If you drive a 4-wheel drive vehicle in Wyoming you know the struggle of this video. More so than anyone else.

I have a personal experience with such things on the west side Wal-Mart in my 2 wheel drive Toyota. Yeah, I thought I was going to make it up that long hill during the wintertime and guess who was wrong? Yeah me... I did almost exactly the same thing as this guy.

Except for the fact that I didn't do nearly as much damage to my vehicle. My car was able to slowly slide down that hill and I was able to call my dad for help.

So, here is my PSA for those of you who think you can go on the back roads/side streets in town when we get this much snow. DO NOT RISK IT! Call a friend with a 4-wheel drive or all-wheel drive to come and pick you up.

Buy them lunch or something for being so kind!

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