We all learned growing up that messing around with a wild animal generally leads to something bad. You know, like being mauled to death or losing a limb or something like that. In fact, when I was a boy scout going on a trip to Yellowstone the gave us pamphlets and bear spray to prepare us for what we needed to do if we ever encountered one of these animals.

Do you know what wasn't on that pamphlet? Grabbing a bear by its cheeks and getting it to show its teeth! Yeah, imagine that they didn't want us grabbing a bear by its face and messing around with it.

But of course, leave it to the Russians to do something to brave yet so controversial and scary. Oddly enough this isn't the only time I've heard of people in Russia doing crazy things with bears... In fact, there's a couple who actually raised a bear to full maturity and to this day is still living with it in their house... Scary stuff right?

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