I would like to say I'm surprised, but I'm not. A new video shows some hikers who decided it would be a great idea to take selfies with a black bear they met on the trail.

You really need to see this human ingenuity for yourself.

According to the video description, this happened in Olympic National Park in Washington state. I'm gonna resist the temptation to make a joke about my friends in Washington state right now.

The hikers seem to be mystified that the bear is following them. Breaking news: bears do what they want. There is one moment of good thinking when one of them reminds the others "to not run". That's a good call as running can make a bear think you're prey which would likely not end well for the humans or the bear.

The good news is the bear decided to go the other way after a minute or two of following these naïve folks. I can't fault these people for wanting a picture with a bear. However, when a predator like this is THIS close, you're not extending your life expectancy by grabbing your phone for a sure-fire Instagram moment.

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