What you are witnessing here, is an ass-kicking.

The video is below.

One of the two bears clearly gets the upper hand and the other, on the bottom, spends the entire fight trying to defend himself.

BJ and Micah Campbell had ringside seats to a tussle between two large black bears near Ely's Mill in Gatlinburg. This video was captured while the Campbell’s were safe inside a garage but shows how strong and aggressive these magnificent creatures can be. While it’s a little bit early for bears to engage in battle for dominance during breeding season, we believe it may have been a dispute over a food source considering the size of both animals. (Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency).

With the two bears going at each other the couple shooting the video did not have to worry about much. Those big guys were not focused on anyone else.

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While the loser of this match does his best, at some point you might start wishing the dominant one would just let him up and let him go. He eventually does.

At that point the victor walks off too, leaving the campers with one less bear to worry about.

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With bears fresh out of hibernation, hungry, and looking to lock up their territory, it's a good idea to stay far away.

If that bear has cubs, stay very - V E R Y - far away.

This is the bear's most aggressive time of year.

Now, let's go watch the full fight. This gets really interesting!


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