Bears mixing with humans is a sad fact of life, and it seems to be happening more often lately.

The reasons are many and varied.

Some of it is the fact that we are taking over more and more of the bears' natural habitat, and they are simply running out of room to roam without running into humans.

Their interactions are often led by their nose (and stomach) and their hunger leads them to humans.

From trash cans to homes a hungry bear is more than happy to force its way into just about anywhere if it thinks it will help them get an easy meal.

This leads us to a video I found on ViralHog.

The owners of the video live in Canada at a mountain ski resort, so bears are something they see often...but this one was a bit unusual.

In the video, a bear crawls all over a car, likely on the hunt for a meal, and leaves just as casually as he started...and with no signs of damage to the car.

Despite a black bear weighing around 500 pounds, the owner had no idea that anything had happened to his car at all.

He did notice smudged paw prints on the window but assumed it was from a raccoon.

It wasn't until a bear was busted digging in the back of a truck the next night that he and his wife thought to check out their security footage...and that's when they saw this...

How crazy is it that not a single scratch or dent was left on that car after a huge black bear crawled all over it?

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