Here's a scenario for you to consider. You're enjoying a nice leisurely ride on your motorcycle on a quiet mountain road when you turn a corner and realize your path is blocked by a massive grizzly. What would you do? That was a decision one rider had to make and there's now video of the encounter.

Just look at how large this bear is. This is a big ole boy.

Here's what the rider had to say about his grizzly welcome wagon:

An amazing encounter with a bear on the road! A mix of bravery and fear of being charged by the king of the forest! It was so close, fortunately, I had a chance to come back home in one piece!

This guy made the right decision. He realized that this grizzly wasn't budging and he turned around and headed the other direction. Good call, dude.

Something worth noting here. This is a new video share, but I believe this happened in Italy a couple of years ago. I have to wonder if it's taken this rider this long to catch his breath after dealing with this massive animal before he was able to get the video uploaded? If that's the case, I can't blame him.

For once, it's nice to see someone make a wise decision when it comes to humans encountering bears. Many Yellowstone tourists should take lessons.

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