Take a good look at the picture above. One of these things doesn't belong. On second thought, maybe it does.

Jennifer Dutton shared this awesome photo to the public Facebook group, Wyoming through The Lens, along with a message that read:

Who doesn't quite belong? Feeding sheep on the winter range in southwest Wyoming.

We spoke to Jennifer and she stated:

The dog is a 3-year old male Anatolian/Akbash mix. The photo was taken on Rock Springs Grazing Association in Sweetwater county by myself. The sheep and dogs are owned by Midland Livestock Co.

As you can see by the photograph, he is performing his duties perfectly.

The photo has already been shared more than 280 times and has over 200 comments (at the time this article was written). The most popular comments seem to compare the photo to the popular children's book, Where's Waldo?.

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