On the way to work the other morning, I almost got hit by a Ram, that was running a red light and almost T-Boned me. The Dodge truck stopped just in the nick of time and I had to swerve around him. I thought of the increased police attention to red light runners. I would have been the victim.

On the other side of the coin, I also thought about my son, who not long ago had an actual deer go through his windshield one dark and cold winter night. Now I found out there is a reason for that.

Wyoming Game and Fish just posted the article “Wildlife-Vehicle Collisions Increase With Cold Weather.’

The cold, snowy weather that has occurred since early December in parts of Wyoming has increased the incidence of wildlife-vehicle collisions. Deep snow has altered daily travel patterns for deer, elk and antelope, and we urge motorists to stay alert for wildlife on the road.

“Animals trying to conserve energy are traveling in areas that require the least amount of effort. Many times, this means animals are using roadways plowed free of snow to travel to and from cover and feeding areas.”

Doug Brimeyer - Game and Fish deputy chief - Wildlife Division

Takeaway? Slow down, be very alert. Maybe try one of those whistler attachments for your vehicle to warn the animals of your approach. Stay safe, get your venison the right way.

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