As a person that has blood drawn on a pretty regular basis, I'm not sure how I feel about having a robot phlebotomist draw my blood.  I've definitely suffered though my fair share of talent-lacking techs as well as situations where I was sure it was more my veins that were the issue.  However, it does seem like this company may be on to something.  The main issue I have with this robot is that it looks like I loose the ability to remove my arm if something goes wrong.  What do you think?

A start up company in California has created what’s believed to be the first robot phlebotomist.  Veebot, the robot phlebotomist. Veebot uses infrared light and image analysis to find the right vein in your arm, ultrasound to confirm the blood flow in that vein and robotics to insert a needle into it.

So why would you use the machine instead of a human, especially when Veebot needs a person to start the process?  Veebot LLC claims it’s all about reducing human error and, therefore, saving money.  The company believes their robot will eventually find the right vein more often than a human.

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