If Alaska can get a show about their fishermen and bush people, why can't Wyoming get in on this reality show craze?

We've got a few suggestions for what we think could make some good TV viewing in the Cowboy State.



    Ice Road WYDOT

    On today's episode: A truck driver goes too fast for conditions causing a massive pileup, a motorist in a Geo Metro thinks he can make it through six feet of snow, and WYDOT employees are there to rescue everyone.

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    Yellowstone Park Rangers

    On today's episode: Park Rangers respond to a tourist who stuck his head in a geyser, then rangers must stop a tourist's attempt to hug a bison.

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    The Buford Life

    On today's episode: We follow Buford's lone resident as he runs the town convenience store by himself. Later, he makes dinner for himself, and watches TV by himself.

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    Documentary: Wyoming Dude Ranches

    On today's episode: We visit the Vee Bar Guest Ranch where a man from the east coast has accidentally roped himself. Later, we check in at the Paradise Guest Ranch where a woman from the east coast is attempting to ride a horse backwards.

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    Keeping Up With The Cheney's

    On today's episode: We catch up with what Dick and Lynne Cheney have been doing since their time in DC. Later, Mr. Cheney expresses his dislike for President Obama.