If you're a fan of spectacular sky things, make sure you reserve some outside night time in the middle of April as there will be plenty of flaming space rocks above us in our Wyoming skies.

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What is the Lyrid Meteor Shower. Since I'm not an astronomy major (Editor's Note: since they didn't teach that in 2nd grade), I will defer to Earth/Sky for the details on what and when the Lyrid Meteor Shower will happen.

According to the Earth/Sky calendar, the Lyrids will begin to be visible on April 15 and continue through nearly the end of the month. However, the peak will likely be April 22 and April 23. It is very possible that during the peak you will be able to see 100 meteors PER HOUR. That's potentially epic.

You can thank Comet Thatcher for this 2 week period of flaming space rocks as the Lyrids are a result of that bright sky object. The good news is there's no expectation that this comet will ever impact Earth. As a matter of fact, NASA says it won't come around for another 200 years. However, if we see Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck get on space shuttles, we'll let you know.

As for the Lyrid meteors, make sure to keep an eye on the northeastern sky for the last half of April for what should be a fun sky-watching experience.

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