Every so often someone takes a ship way out beyond the least settled regions of our galaxy to explore and go camping. There is not much out there. Forget intergalactic cell service and some other modern conveniences. There is a reason the Grey's won't even live out here.

Some of these space adventurers like to go searching for what they claim is a small unassuming solar system with only one habitable planet. They claim there is life there. But honestly, who would live so far away the nearest space port? Who would live in a solar system with only one habitable planet?

If there was intelligent life there they would probably be searching the stars for a cell signal. Not hearing one they might wonder if they were all alone in the universe.

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Recently a ship returned from just such a camping trip with claims that they had taken a photo of what they say is a "Wyomingite." That would be a thing called a human from a planet the inhabitants call "Earth." Supposedly "Wyoming" is a place on Earth.

Of course the photo is blurry. It's hard to make out anything.

The reasons such claims are often debunked is because no one else can actually find this planet, it supposed to be in such a remote place and, as always, no one can make out what is actually in the picture.

There are always more questions than answers.

1). How did any living thing get so far out there?

2). How does any living thing survive out there, so cut off from the necessities of the modern galaxy?

3). Why are the photos always so burry? (Those who took the pictures claim it is because the "humans" on the planet have never seen anything other than their own kind and are so are usually freaking out and won't hold still for the picture).

Let's face it, there is no real evidence of these encounters.

Until there is actual proof from the scientific community the official record of the intergalactic scientific community remains that --- WYOMING DOESN'T EXSIST.

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