All tourists that plan to come to Wyoming should watch this video first. Also, if you plan on moving here, no matter where you're from or how rich and famous you are (Kanye West, Nikki Sixx, Jeffree Star... we're looking at you!), you should also watch this video.

The video is aptly titled: Wyoming - What NOT to Do in Wyoming as a Tourist and was put together by the YouTube channel Wolters World. The nearly 15-minute video is chock-full of good advice and really awesome reviews about the entire state, from everything from our food, to our way of life, to even our speed limits.

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Most hardened residents know all of this already, but I think most will still appreciate the video, because it teaches the "tourons" what not to do and in a very lighthearted manner. Wolter even sprinkles in little samples of dry humor, like my favorite line from the entire video:

That's why I'd like to re-enforce, when they say don't feed the bears... don't feed the bears! Okay, because you know what? You're way more tastier than a chicken sandwich.

He's right, of course! The video is full of awesome footage and pics from all around the Cowboy State and filled with sound advance.

We thank you, Wolter. Here's to hoping his massive amount of YouTube subscribers (all 700,000 of them), heed his advice.

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