Rapper, songwriter, and fashion designer Kanye West is opening an office in Wyoming, you probably have seen the news. 

He plans to open a few of them across the world, in fact...

West has been in Jackson twice over the last two years, and both times written new music. Earlier this year, West brought several hip hop stars to Jackson with him to record, including most famously, Kid Cudi.

While many Wyomingites groaned at the news of West's arrival and office in our sparse state, here's some things that may actually be good about it.


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    It's Just Jackson Being Jackson...

    Love it or hate it, Jackson has always been a hot spot for celebrities. One more won't change very much.

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    It Will Slightly Boost The Economy

    We get it, a huge part of Kanye's decision for Wyoming-specifically was probably due to our no state income tax policy. But, the West/Kardashian clan he brings out here is a large one. Plus all of his producer, reps, and fellow artists need to use our airports, eat at our restaurants, and sip champagne from our ski lodges.

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    It May Inspire Others To Follow

    We don't want our state to get too crowded, but a few entrepreneurs and new job opportunities is a good thing. Others may be inspired by Kanye to check out Wyoming's business opportunities.

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    More Concerts

    Kanye's arrival may help additional artists take note of Wyoming. In fact, some may want to be recognized by West himself. Whether or not you're a hip hop fan, more events is always a positive.

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    Taking a trip to Jackson will be more interesting than ever. Who knows what celebrities you might see. And, if you're lucky maybe they'll do something dumb you can record and send to gossip magazines. And, just keep in mind, you can always leave Jackson and go back to "real-Wyoming."

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