Let's face it. We all get stressed over something in life. It can be work-related or sometimes it's just personal things that you carry with you. I've been thinking of some ways to help reduce or in some cases eliminate the stress altogether.

The best part is, you can do all of them right here in Wyoming.

1. Get the gun out and go shooting for a day. Whether it be hunting, clay pigeons, or a target on the range. I promise you that by the end of your day at the range or wilderness you'll feel better about everything.

2. Go on a horse ride. I don't personally do this one, but I know a lot of my friends would be way more stressed if they didn't have a horse to take out on the trail and talk it out while they're on their ride. It's very therapeutic.

3. Chatting with friends about the stressful situation that you're in. Wyomingites generally have a pretty optimistic view on most things and are pretty good at solving issues. So find a good friend and get their opinion on the situation.

4. Go work on a project. Using your hands and doing some sort of physical labor gets your blood pumping and can help you limit how stressed you are about any given situation. Most likely by the time your done working you'll be happier and probably forget why you were so stressed in the first place.

5. Getting outside and out of the city can be just as therapeutic. Of course, we are in luck living in Wyoming where getting out of the city is easier than it is in most places. So go on a hike and clear your mind. Get a new perspective on the situation and possibly come up with an amicable resolution.

So I hope that you can use some of these Wyoming themed stress relief tips.

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