We mentioned in another article that Arby's is testing venison sandwiches in 6 markets. Wyomingites love the idea, but if you prefer your own, this is for you. Your buck is in the freezer, now what?  Outside of your usual steaks and roasts, what do you do with the other parts not normally used?

Wideopenspaces.com compiled 7 Crazy Weird Venison Recipes, to ensure the entire elk and or deer is used.  Try “Grilled Deer Heart with Peppers.” Even the kids will love this marinated muscle.  The trick is in how you trim and cut the heart. Do it right and no one will know the difference!

Wide Open Spaces’ recipe for “Wild Game Liver Crème Caramel” is both sweet, and savory, and, not too “livery” With some honey, sugar, crème, mushrooms and other ingredients. You might tell your friends it’s something fancy and French. ( As with all liver, soak it overnight in milk to lose any gamey taste.)

Using as much of your game as you can brings us to some tasty tasters that take a little extra time to get to the tender meat, and extra cooking time. But if you’re game for this bit of game, this recipe for “Elk/Venison Tongue,”  goes great on a cracker!

Find more unusual recipes for elk and venison on Wide Open Spaces.

For those who just hunt for the sport, Wyoming Game and Fish says you can call your local soup kitchen to see if they will accept the donation. The meat needs to be processed through a butcher, (where you would pay the cost for the processing,) and requires a “CWD Sample Test” for safety.  More at Wyoming Game and Fish Department.

This also looks like good use of backstraps.

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