Day after day, story after story of child predators being in the Casper news, I just had to know if anyone else noticed this sickening trend?

The answer was loud and clear with 98% of the poll takers agreeing, there's a problem in Casper, Wyoming. The question is, what to do about it? Some of the comments left on our social media page were very well thought out and presented.



Some also pointed out, there's a problem and it may not be homegrown.

Yes! If they aren't from here, some get here by means of places like Community Alternatives of Casper, get jobs, get their feet in the ground, and stay here because the laws are so forgiving in Wy. Not saying they flock here because of it, but it sure makes it easy for them to stay here, being "rehabilitated " here.

We as a community will have to work together with law enforcement and the judicial system to correct things many citizens say need improvement. We must give our kids as much information as possible. Advise them to let someone know if a grownup acts inappropriately towards them.




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