Over the past couple of weeks, there have been many stories about sexual abuse of children on our platforms and social media outlets.

These stories, however unfortunate are depressing and sad. Which led me to ask the the question - Does Casper have a child predator problem?

While looking for information on this story my first stop was The Federal Bureau of Investigation. The FBI is warning parents of the online world, as many parents allow their kids unsupervised access to the world wide web of deceit.

The Safe Online Internet Challenge from the FBI is a tool used to help educate kids. The popularity of the program grew from 24,475 in '12-'13 to a grand total of 872,756 as of last year. Does Casper have this program in any of its schools?

Which brings us back to the question at hand, "Does Casper have a child predator problem?"

As mentioned earlier there have been a multitude of arrest in Casper Natrona County over the past weeks.



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