Want to start your own garden, but not sure what to get? Or, worse yet, you don't want to wait for anything to grow. That's no problem at all with these Condom Plants that you can make at home.

You'll need a few ingredients and those ingredients are as follows:

  • Something for them to grow in. Tupperware or deep pan would work fine.
  • soil
  • Cardboard tubing
  • Condoms
  • Diet Coke
  • Mentos
  • Cut the cardboard tubing and place it in the garden area. Do this for as many 'plants' as you'd like. Fill that tubing with mentos. Then, attach a condom to that tube. Cover in soil. Now, get your friends and family together and water the plants with your Diet Coke. With that Diet Coke / Mentos combination, they'll grow in no time in the most hilarious way possible.

    If you don't want to use condoms, that's fine. Surgical gloves or most balloons should work, too.

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